Soil Cement Column

Soil Cement Column with Deep Cement Mixing Method (DCM)

Soil Cement Column is a technique for improving the quality of foundation soils to be able to carry loads by bringing cement into the soil which can reduces subsidence in soft soil layers and prevent soil degradation that are caused by the structure of soil grains with air and water. Thus, it has a high chance of subsidence when the weight is occurred.

This can be applied by mixing cement milk with soft clay or sand as a wet mix, injecting low-pressure mortar and using a mechanical mixing low-pressure grout. There will be a chemical reaction between soil and lime water, which can increase higher soil strength, not less than 10 times.

Currently, Soil Cement Column are are widely used in foundation works, roads on soft soil or loose soil erosion prevention works Deep excavation prevention work, embankment work, stable small ponds, small building foundation including waterproofing works of embankments and reservoirs.

No. of Shaft2 – 4 Shafts / Operation
DiameterNormal : 0.8 – 1.2 m
GEL : 0.6 – 1.7 m
Process Making ColumnAgitating Soil With Vane And Injecting Cement Milk ( Low Pressure )
Injection Pressure7 – 15 kg /cm2
Cement ConsumptionEstimate 230 kg/m3


Soil Cement Column