Business Overview

Prestressed Concrete Pile

We are a manufacturer and distributor of prestressed concrete piles with pile driving services such as I-shaped piles, square pile, DH shaped pile and hollow square pile under the TIS 396-2549 standard.

Bored Pile

We provide bored piles with diameters from 40 cm. to 2 meters and drilling depth up to 60 meters for large building construction.

Spun Pile

We are manufacturer and distributor with service provider of spun pile under TIS 398-2563 standard, with diameters of 400, 500, 600 and 800 mm.

Soil Cement Column

We provide services of soil cement piles for soil improvement and retaining walls.

Precast Concrete

We are manufacturer and service provider of precast concrete in both load bearing and non-load bearing, including facade work.

Segment & Girder

We can produce segment and girder, including I Girder, U Girder, C Girder, Box Girder and Plank girder for infrastructure that can be cast from the factory and install at the project site.

Post-Tensioned Slab

We provide design and installation service of post-tensioned slab system for high-rise and public buildings.

Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete

We produce and install glassfiber reinforced concrete for façade, architecture and exterior.

Construction Chemical Products

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of special construction chemicals products such as non-shrinking special cement, cement tile adhesive, skim coat and special cement for rebar embedding, including engineering services work.

*Being a product with quality certification under the ISO 9001: 2015