Whistle Blowing

The Company provides channels for whistleblowing or complaints in case of suspected violations of the company’s code of conduct which are unlawful acts, corrupt practices, inequality treatment through the following channels:

1) The trusted executives or supervisors at all levels
2) Corporate Governance Committee
3) By mail

Chief Executive Officer or Chairman of the Audit Committee
General Engineering Public Company Limited
44/2 Moo.2 Tivanont Road, Bangkadi, Muang, Pathumthani Province 12000

4) By E-mail: cg@gel.co.thgel@gel.co.th, internal@gel.co.th
5) Corporate Complaint Channels

5.1 Independent committee

Telephone: 66(0) 2501-2020 ex. 453
Fax: 66(0) 2501-2134
E-mail : independentdiretor@gel.co.th

5.2 Internal audit department

Telephone: 66(0) 2501-2020 ต่อ 453
Fax: 66(0) 2501-2134
E-mail : internal@gel.co.th

5.3 Company secretary

Telephone: 66(0) 2501-2020 ต่อ 333
Fax: 66(0) 2501-2134
E-mail: wuttichai@gel.co.th

2. Process when receiving complaints
When the company has received a whistleblowing or complaints, the Company will collect information, assess results, investigate and determine measures to mitigate the damage to the affected people by considering the total damage. Consequently, the responsible person will follow up the action and report the result to the whistleblowing/complaint receiver and the whistleblowing/complaint sender, including informing the result to Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer Audit Committee and Board of Directors respectively.

3. Protection measures
To protect the rights of whistleblower/complaint sender or those who cooperate in fact examination, the company will not disclose the name-surname, address, photo or any other information of the whistleblower/complaint or the person who cooperates in the investigation, including the determination of protection measures of those who are unsafe or may cause trouble which will be mitigated by an appropriate and fair process. In this regard, the person, who has been investigated as the violation of business and anti-corruption policy, will be punished according to the relevant law.

The company must provide fairness and protect employees who refuse to corruption. The company will not punish or give negative results to employees who refuse to corruption although, the action will cause the company loses the business opportunity. This anti-corruption policy covers human resource management processes from recruitment, training, promotion and performance evaluation.

Whistle Blowing Form