Group of Company

General Nippon Concrete Industries Limited (GENCI) is a joint venture between General Engineering Public Company Limited (GEL), one of the largest construction material manufacturers, distributor and service provider in Thailand and Nippon Concrete Industries Co., Ltd. (NC), a leading pile and spun pile manufacturing company in Japan.

GENCI was established on June 6, 2017 with current registered capital of 200,000,000 Baht. GENCI was formed with the primary objective of manufacturing and supplying spun pile together with GEL’s long experiences in construction business in Thailand and the advantage of receiving innovation and technology transferred in manufacturing of spun pile from NC. These will ensure that GENCI’s spun pile and its production will be most efficient, cost competitive to offer a solution to all customer needs.

SEVENWIRE Company Limited was established on 27 November 2015. SEVENWIRE now has been registered capital of 280 million baht. SEVENWIRE is a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality PC Wire and PC Strand with a focus to provide quality products through innovative solutions which the area over 40 rais of land to support the manufacturing of PC Wire, PC Strand, and Cold Drawn. The main customers of the company are from the construction industry; pre-stressed concrete, foundation, plank, pre-stressed concrete pile, and pole etc.