Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete

Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete

Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) was introduced by GEL in 1979 with product knowhow from Pilkinton Brothers Ltd. of England. Since then GRC has been adorned to many of Bangkok’s most recognized buildings such as Wall Street Tower, Peninsular Plaza, Amarin Plaza and the New Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel. GRC is a unique mixture of cement, sand and reinforced with a special glassfiber to replace reinforced steel.

Consequently, the long lasting workpiece will be thinned but strengthened, easily formed into variety shapes which is suitable for various decorations for both interior and exterior.

Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete components are Portland cement, sand and 5%glassfiber by weight mixed with water in the right proportion. Then, wait for GRC panel to set as general concrete, and will get the panel that is strong, durable and required shape.

Suitable work for GRC

1. Façade:


Roof design is an important part of showing buildings identity. Sometimes, it is difficult to design and produce the roof to get as needed with general construction materials because the type and weight of materials are the main concern of overall building. However, Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete can be formed in various shape and become lighter than general reinforced concrete structures. Thus, this can reduce the load of overall structures.


Cladding is similar to the face of the building therefore, the materials are depended on the designers’ intention. As for Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete, it is given strong and durable feeling as concrete. Furthermore, it can be designed with various shapes such as curve and angle. Additionally, Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete can be produced thinner than steel reinforcement concrete which makes it to be a light panel and also save structure cost of cladding supporting.

2. Interior decoration

Wall, Window frame and Decorative column

Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete is suitable for both interior and exterior decoration, especially wall, window frame and decorative column according to the taste of the owner or designer. It can be different from other decorative materials. It also can be formed in various shapes and textures such as smooth, wood or graphic textures including unlimited color shades. It’s also produced by making attached surface with other materials such as mosaic tile, mirror and brass plate etc

3. Landscape

Due to Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete is made from cement components, it can be designed in various shapes with a good natural shape and can be replaced natural materials with long lifetime, bears with climate resistance and maintains material strength. Thus, it is suitable for making cave, waterfall, outdoor sculptures etc.

4. Special Projects

Permanently Installed Formwork

In some of construction projects, there is the design of the reinforced concrete structure as a special shape such as steel reinforcement concrete with dome roof shape. Formwork preparation cannot be made from general formwork since it has to create formwork with 3D curve. Therefore, Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete is the right choice of this kind of work. It is produced from cement which is durable, strong and has long lifetime similar to general reinforced concrete. Additionally, Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete surface can be used as the real surface of architectural work which is good-looking and reduce working time.

Renovation with architectural

Architectural conservation renovation can be done by copying the prototype from the valid original parts to form the mould and producing the workpiece with Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete. The workpiece is similar to the original workpiece and can be attached other decorating materials on surface. Therefore, this will be more convenient and faster than onsite work by high skill craftsman.

Noise Barrier

Noise Barrier Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete is an excellent sound proof system that has ability to reduce the frequency of traffic noise. Noise barrier is used for reducing noise from the sound source to the receiving point which can be divided into 3 types:

  • Reflection Panels
  • Dispersion Panels
  • Absorption Panels

Comparison between Concrete and GRC


Precast concrete
Density2,000-2,200 kg/cu.m.2,400 kg/cu.m.
Thickness≥ 6 mm.≥ 75 mm.
Weight21 kg/sq.m. at thickness 10 mm.180 kg/sq.m. at thickness 75 mm.
TensionGlassfiber Steel bar
3D shapeVarious shapeVery difficult, expensive and heavy


Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete


Since 1979 – To date

  • D’oro Coffee Shop
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Paradise Park
  • BTS Project Evacuation Bridge
  • Bank of Thailand
  • The Platinium Fashion Mall
  • Navy Conventional Hall
  • Siam Future Town Center
  • Rama 8 Bridge Project
  • Central Chidlom
  • Siam Discovery Center
  • Central Ramintra
  • Water Mark Chaophraya
  • Central Wong Amat Beach Resort Pattaya
  • BTS Project Evacuation Bridge
  • IBIS Sathorn
  • Perfect Masterpiece Ratanathibeht
  • Summit Windmill
  • Lighting House Thong Lor 10
  • Sala @ sathorn
  • Emporio Place Sukhumvit 24
  • The Villa Ratanathiveht
  • The Perfect Master Ratanathibeth
  • L&H Ratchadamri
  • Billabong Shop Siam Center
  • Sathorn Heritage
  • Manhattan Chidlom
  • Jangwattana Court
  • Jaturust Jamjuree
  • Barracuda Hotel
  • Bank of Thailand
  • The Royal Saladaeng
  • Pearl Sukhumvit 60
  • Japanese Embassy
  • Aka Resort Hua Hin
  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Index Event Agency
  • Bangkok Boulevard
  • Smc Pneumatic Warehouse
  • Millennium Hilton Bangkok
  • Singapore Airline (add 1,2)
  • Central Krabi Bay Resort
  • Wilshire Condominium
  • The Platinum Fashion Mall
  • MMTH Mitsubishi
  • Dumrong CHaitham House
  • Ho-sakul House
  • Crystal Park
  • MRTA GRC Turnout Track Crossing
  • Erawan Hotel (renovate)
  • Navy Conventional Hall
  • St. Francis Xavier School, Muang Thong Thani
  • MRTA Hua Lumpong Station (additional)
  • Park And Ride- MRTA Parking Building
  • Siam Future Tower Center (Top Supermarket – Thong Lor)
  • Wat Dhammakaya
  • Community Gateway
  • Spa of Davis
  • Imperial Queen’s Park
  • Maxim Integrated Product
  • Nippon Paint
  • ama 8 Bridge Project
  • Disneyland Tokyo
  • Center Point
  • Mayfair Marriott Executive Service Apartment
  • Shinawatra University
  • Town- Hall Pattalung Province
  • Srinakarinwirote (Prasarnmit)
  • Suksawad Expressway (NB)
  • Phyathai Palace
  • King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok
  • Bank of Thailand Renovation
  • Esso Administration Bldg., Sriracha
  • Baan Surawong
  • Evacuation bridge
  • The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture, Pathumthani
  • Lost Legend, Japan
  • Mandarin Condo & Apartment
  • Behn Meyer
  • First Stage Expressway (Klongtoey)
  • Pathum Thani Water Work (NB)
  • Cable Protection
  • Sainoi Sub- station
  • Japanese Church, Japan
  • Sydney Land Australia
  • HRH Palace
  • Yontrakit Building Viphavadee
  • Ban Yantree
  • Central Chidlom
  • Trang College (production House)
  • U-Thong inn Hotel, Ayutthaya
  • Sathorn Garden
  • S-24
  • Police Hospital
  • Rayong Court
  • Ministry of Public Health (Gate)
  • Bann Pathumwan
  • Gulico (Phase II)
  • Sra-kaew Province Government Center Office
  • Showroom Isuzu Paholyothin
  • Siam Discovery Center
  • Isuzu Chiangmai
  • Srinakarinwirote (Prasarnmit)
  • Showroom Isuzu Romglaow
  • Conference Hall (Khonkaen University)
  • Pathumwan Resort
  • Takayama Ancient History Art Museum, Japan
  • Sailom Service Apartment
  • Sinphaet Hospital 2
  • Isuzu Suwinthawong
  • Isuzu Chiangrai
  • Satake Factory
  • Thai Japanese School
  • Ne. Second Stage Expressway Sector B
  • Sheraton Tower
  • Mr. Chanin Jearawanon House
  • Riverline Tower 2,4
  • Patumwan Resort
  • Samaggi Insurance Building
  • Isuzu Ratthanatibeht
  • Commercial Building Thonglor 15
  • Isuzu Onnut
  • Thai Insurance
  • Sinphaet Hospital
  • Independent Shop House
  • Baan Patumwan
  • Thai Japanese Association School
  • SV City
  • Silom Previous Tower
  • Nippon Paint Office
  • Century Hote
  • Faculty of Architecture (Chulalongkorn University)
  • Central City Bangna
  • Chiangmai University
  • Seacon Square
  • Riverine Place
  • Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel
  • Grand Amain Tower
  • Buphajit Building
  • Lakewood Country Club
  • Un Escap Convention Hall
  • Water Ford Tower
  • Maldman Government Maldive
  • Bangkok Riverpark Condominium
  • NB. Second Stage Expressway Sector A
  • Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel
  • Grand Sole Hotel
  • Jomtien Complex
  • TFM Building
  • Dhipaya Insurance Building
  • Anti- Riot Section, Police Department
  • Prime Minister House
  • River Garden Building
  • Isuzu Pethburi Road
  • EK Patcharin Village
  • Ocean Shopping Mall,
  • Phuket
  • Part. Police Deparment
  • Suan Mark Apartment
  • Bangkok Metropolitan Municipal Pedestrian Bridge
  • I.R.C. Bhira Circuit, Pattaya
  • Asia Bank (Head office)
  • Trainee’s Hall, Nakorn Pathom
  • Ocean Shopping Mall, Hadyai
  • Peninsula Plaza Building
  • Wall Street Tower
  • Chulalongkorn University Assembly Hall
  • Silom Place Condominium
  • Sogo Department Store
  • National Semiconductor Factory Samutprakarn
  • Panthip Plaza Building
  • Amarin Plaza Building