Biaxial Slab


Biaxial Slab is a floor construction system that applies plastics in term of hollow sphere form to replace the amount of concrete in the building floor structure. This can save the volume of concrete and reduce structure weight. There are two forms of Biaxial Slab: flat spherical shape and elliptical shape, thus each model can make the floor thickness as following:


Flat spherical shape can make the floor thickness between 20 - 80 cm.

Elliptical shape can make the floor thickness between 22 - 56 cm.

Structural engineers can design and modify Biaxial Slab based on the construction standards. Additionally, the construction of Biaxial Slab System has been certified certified by German Institute of Structural Engineering (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik: DIBt).

Biaxial Slab System is not only the floor weight lighter but it is also easy to install between the top reinforcement and bottom reinforcement, thus Biaxial void formers are used to replace concrete according to the engineer’s installation plan and floor structure design. The concrete pouring is divided into two phases to make it easier to install and optimize concrete slab construction.

The advantages of Biaxial Slab

  • Easy to install and use
  • Reduce overall construction materials
  • Reduce the size of the structure due to the decreased weight of the structure
  • Can create an area with a longer span between the columns than the general floor.
  • Be innovative product and environmentally friendly


Biaxial Slab

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