Segment & Girder

The pre-stressed precast concrete (Segment & Girder) are concrete components for infrastructure that can be cast from the factory and install at the project site. Since there are the shortages of skilled labor and quality control in the current construction industry, the contractors have turned to use "the pre-stressed precast concrete” in various types of construction in order to deliver quality work to the customer timely.


GEL is able to produce various cross-section types of Segment & Girder according to different works such as

Box Girder

U section girder

I section girder

C section girder

Plank girder


High quality

It is high quality because it is produced from a standard factory. There is production control in each step and quality check of the workpiece in accordance with the details of construction drawing and specified standard of government by professional engineers.

Less labor

It requires less labor in construction as compared to conventional system. It is easy to manage the accommodation area for the workers.

Reducing construction costs and time

It reduce working process at the construction site because all work pieces will be manufactured from the factory and delivered to the site for installation. Therefore, this can reduce construction time and cost comparing to the conventional system.

Reducing pollution and waste from the construction

All work pieces are produced from the factory and installed at the construction site. Therefore, there is no construction material waste or construction pollution.