Prestressed Concrete Piles

Since 1962, Prestressed Concrete Pile of General Engineering Public Company Limited are well-known and widely accepted. Prestressed Concrete Pile is a quality product, being used for ground works of various forms of building , that help reduce construction duration and cost of construction very well, especially, for the areas of soft soil in Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Over the past 53 years, the company has produced precast prestressed concrete piles more than two million piles, which reflects the quality of precast prestressed concrete pile under GEL brand.

GEL has the management team that are full of skills and experience, having its keen determination to do the business by focusing on quality and service. The company is monitoring the development of production processes continuously and is very selective on the quality material. Currently, the products of the company has been awarded the marks of Thailand Industrial Standard - TIS. 396-2549. In addition , the company also has other products such as Concrete Sheet Pile to accommodate demand of construction works in the government and private sectors.

Properties of Prestressed concrete product


Concrete with compressive strength when it is tested at 28 days of not less than 350 kg. /sq. cm. for the sample of cylinder shape concrete at a diameter of 15 cm. and at the height of 30 cm.

Cement used is Portland cement under category 3 which generates quick compressive strength under ASTM C150 standard and TIS. 15 , Volume 1, - 2004.

Concrete admixtures , according to the ratio set by manufacturer to aggregated concrete used in the production to obtain aq high compressive strength in a given period.

Clean and good quality of sand and stone materials from good source of raw material so that various mixtures can capture together well and have high compressive strength.

Production is in compliance with production process of Prestressed Concrete before pouring concrete.

Compressive strength of the concrete must be less than 250 kg / sq. cm. to enable to produce Prestressed Concrete.

Go through the curing process with water 3-7 days before it can be delivered to the construction site for drilling.

Properties of Prestressed concrete product

Steel wire for Prestressed Concrete and Strand Steel Wire for Prestressed Concrete

PC Wire is a type Uncoated Stress Relived Steel Wire Indented in Single Wire type, available in diameter of 4 mm. ,5 mm. according to TIS. 95-2540 of 1770 grade Standard with the maximum tensile strength of not less than 18,000 kg. / sq. cm.PC Strand 7 Wire is Uncoated 7 Wire Stress Relived Strand, available in the diameter of 3/8 inches and 1/2 inch, according to TIS. 420-2540 of 1860 grade Standard, with the maximum tensile strength of not less than 19 000 kg / sq. cm.

Cut and bend Reinforced Steel bar

Cold Draw Steel Wire, with 3 mm. and 4 mm. diameter, according to TIS. 747-2531 Standard with the maximum tensile strength of not less than 5,600 kg / sq. cm.Round Bar in 6 mm and 9 mm. diameter, according to TIS. 20-2543 Standard with the maximum tensile strength of not less than 2,400 kg. / pulling of high-tensile steel wire in the production process will be stretched out by tensile force of not more than 70-75% of the maximum compressive strength for using as compression force.

Requirment on the safe loaded test of pile

  • Safe load can be preliminary estimated using the section of pile , However the actual safe load shall be calculated using properties of soil in the area of construction into account, which consists of:
  • The maximum length of the pile that can be produced on demand under the type of Composite Pile.
GEL is leaders in the field of prestressed concrete construction with over 45 years of experience. We are specialist engineers and manufacturers of components and equipments for post tensioned concrete structure