Precast Concrete

GEL is the manufacturer of precast concrete for Façade and Load-Bearing Wall , as well as the manufacturer of structural part of Fully Precast Reinforced Concrete for building in which the company pay its attention in every detail, starting from the design by computer programming, production under fully automatic machineries in the modern factory and the construction management on Just in Time basis. The overall procedures rely on the technology from Germany under the supervision of professional engineer. In addition, the Insert also obtain European Manufacturing Standard, making the quality of products manufactured to be in line with international standard.

The pattern of the surface can be manufactured in many different forms, ranging from wood, stones based on the endless imagination of the architects.

Advantages and distinctive features of Precast Concrete systems and Conventional system

1. Quality 1. Quality
  • Manufactured from a factory of high standard. The manufacturing process is controlled by 3D computerized system
  • Inconsistent quality based on the workmanship, personal skill and care of technician at work, as well as incorrect process and procedure and no quality control measure.
  • The materials used in the production pass the inspection and quality is controlled by professional engineers.
  • Materials used in construction may be stored incorrectly, causing the quality of work becomes substandard.
2. Control 2. Control
  • Effective control of good production as product are manufactured by modern machineries which can control the consistency in quality of each work piece and easy for inspection.
  • Consistency in operation and quality control.
3. Workers 3. Workers
  • Manufactured by specialized, experienced and high skilled technicians.
  • Depending on the skill of each technical worker in his specialized field. These technical workers are hard to find because of high shortage.
4. Reduce time and costs 4. Reduce time and costs
  • Reduce working process at the site because all work pieces will be manufactured from the factory and will be delivered to the site for installation which shorten the construction period of time and reduce the cost of construction when it is compared with the conventional system.
  • working process must be carried out on step by step basis such as, waiting for the age of concrete for the structural parts.
5. Utility space 5. Utility space
  • Increase more utility space due to less columns inside the building by using the load-bearing wall.
  • Utility space is the same and not beautiful due to the existence of post and beam to load the weight.
6. Strength and Durability 6. Strength and Durability
  • All work pieces are reinforced concrete, so they are quite strong and durable and can also be used as the load bearing structure of the building.
  • Less strength and less durability.
7. Heat Protection 7. Heat Protection
  • Fire resistance is longer than brick and mortar wall.
  • Brick and mortar system has fire resistance less than Precast Concrete.
8. Water resistance 8. Water resistance
  • Water resistance is high, making the surface color of work piece is durable, beautiful and no occurrence of mold.
  • Brick and Mortar Wall is likely to occur water absorption that causes fungus and peeling of the paint on the wall.
9. Pollution from the construction 9. Pollution from the construction
  • Less waste at the site
  • A lot of dust especially, powder of concrete scraps existed from the concrete mixing.
  • A lot of wastes from structural woods used in pouring concrete, metal scraps, concrete scraps.
GEL precast concrete can facilitate installation and contribute to reduction of both construction time and substantial cost by eliminating and on-site finishing.

Production Procedure

Computer 3D Shop Drawing

  • Prepare Shop Drawing, using engineering software in 3D system to analyze the model, prepare the drawing with the Plan, Elevation and Sections for customer’s approval before starting the production every time.
  • The company will start production right after receiving approval from the customer on the shop drawing , according to the installation plan and is in compliance with the customer’s goal as best as we can, to create customer’s confidence on the order of operation in accordance with the construction plan.

Production Line

Mould Assembling Prepare working mold based on Shop Drawing which has been approved, in every Dimension length, width, thickness and check the position of the plate, the point raised by distance, as well as the location of connecting water pipes and electric conduits as indicated in the Plan

Cleaning and Oiling Cleaning the mold and apply oil onto the mold every time to protect stains of old plaster or leftover plaster.

Reinforcement Prepare reinforced steel mesh, woven from the machine of Fully Automatic system with the correct pattern and actual load bearing capacity.format. And actually gained weight

Concrete Casting Pouring ready mixed concrete which has a compressive strength of 280-300 ksc., then, shaking by Vibrator and Shaking, Compacting so that the concrete is strong enough and reduce the gap in the concrete.

Mould Removal Before removing of the mold, curing process will be taken to develop compressive strength of not less than 150 kg / m2 to create beautiful surface without any craze, then moving the Demoulding from cast shop to measure and store in the stock, which are controlled by computerized system in the respective order of the application which match the construction schedules of customers.


The transportation is carried out by trailer, by placing the product on Rack with protective material to avoid damage while transporting and moving.


Tower Crane or Mobile Crane is used, to lift the product for installation at the target location, then, adjust the level vertically and horizontally, using Connector plate or Sling Loop as the holder between the connector plate or Sling Loop with the product in order to strengthen the joint.

Construction Management

Construction project is the investment which requires both time and budget. Thus having engineering consultants of highly experienced to recommend from starting sequence of works on design, cost estimate, contractor procurement, construction supervision and work acceptance inspection in systematic manner shall help project owner to receive standardized work results in accordance with all requirements of construction drawings along with cost within given budget ,completion time falling in planning schedule and the most efficiency.