Precast Concrete

In 2015, GEL has supplied high quality architectural precast concrete by using modern technology and machinery from Germany. Precast concrete of GEL has good quality, accurate dimensions and strength from clients’ requirement because of using robots to install formwork. GEL precast concrete walls can facilitate installation and contribute to reduce both of construction time and substantial cost. In addition, precast concrete can produce a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the architectural design.


1. High quality

  • High quality since it has manufactured from a high standard factory. The manufacturing process is controlled by master computer from the design stage with three dimensional structure system (BIM) and check the quality according to PCI MNL 135-00 before delivering to construction site for installation.

2. Less labor

  • Use construction labors less than conventional system thus, it is easy to manage the accommodation area for the workers.

3. Reducing construction costs and time

  • Reduce working process at the construction site because all work pieces will be manufactured from the factory and will be delivered to the site for installation. Therefore, this can reduce construction time and cost comparing to the conventional system.

4. Increase more utility space

  • Increase more utility space due to reduction of columns and beams inside the building by using the load-bearing wall.

5. Reducing pollution and waste from the construction

  • All work pieces are produced from the factory and installed at the construction site. Therefore, there is no construction material waste or construction pollution
GEL precast concrete can facilitate installation and contribute to reduction of both construction time and substantial cost by eliminating and on-site finishing.

Production Procedure

GEL uses fully automatic technology from Germany by planning and controlling the entire production process with master computer system to reduce errors caused by human labor. Thus, it can make every piece of precast concrete accurate and complete for size, position and embedded materials (system work) as well as the work piece surface will be smooth. Moreover, every work piece has been inspected according to PCI MNL 135-00 from the factory before delivering to installation in job site. In addition, GEL is the only manufacturer in Thailand that is able to produce double walls in accordance with German standards to install insulation between the walls to prevent heat for green building.

Production Line


The pallet is steel table mold for casting concrete which is seamless steel. This pallet will be cleaned to remove the debris of concrete and dust, and then apply the removal agent before casting the work piece which will make the precast concrete smooth.

2.Plotter and Shuttering Robot

This machine is used for plotting the positions such as the embedded materials or block out. Then, this machine will place the shutter to set the position. Thus, the work piece will be accurate according to the shop drawing without any mistake or human error.

3.Engineering Mesh Plant

This machine is an automatic rebar weld system by receiving three dimensional structure data from master computer, which is welded the steel bar to wire mesh and leave block out as specified by the three-dimensional structure. Thus, it is highly accurate and does not cause material loss.

4.Installation of reinforcement and embedded materials

Place embedded materials into formwork according to shop drawing and check the correction before passing to concrete distributor station.

5.Concrete Distributor and Compacting Equipment

This machine is used for pouring concrete into formwork by master computer. The concrete pouring channel can be adjusted according to the formwork size, resulting in minimal concrete loss. It has a vibrating and shaking system for the concrete to be compacted.

6.Smoothing Devices

This machine is used for polishing and smoothing surface according to ACI 318-2019.

7.Stacking Robot and Curing Chamber

The work piece will be stored in the curing chamber by robot for accelerating the hydration of concrete for more compressive strength, and ready to for stocking and delivering to construction site.

8.Tilting Equipment

The tilting pallet machine is raised to 75 - 80 degrees angle from the floor then lift the work piece from the casting table to prevent the work piece damage.

9.Run-off Carriage

The work piece, which has been verified the quality, will be loaded into Transportation Rack in sequence of installation and move to storage area to wait for transportation.


The transportation is carried out by trailer, by placing the product on Rack with protective material to avoid damage while transporting and moving.


Tower Crane or Mobile Crane is used, to lift the product for installation at the target location, then, adjust the level vertically and horizontally, using Connector plate or Sling Loop as the holder between the connector plate or Sling Loop with the product in order to strengthen the joint.

Construction Management

Construction project is the investment which requires both time and budget. Thus having engineering consultants of highly experienced to recommend from starting sequence of works on design, cost estimate, contractor procurement, construction supervision and work acceptance inspection in systematic manner shall help project owner to receive standardized work results in accordance with all requirements of construction drawings along with cost within given budget ,completion time falling in planning schedule and the most efficiency.