Shareholder Info

Dividend Policy & Payment

In the ordinary shareholders’ meeting No. 1/2008, dated 24 April 2008, the meeting had a resolution unanimously to the Company to change the policy of dividend payment to “not exceeding 60% of net profit after income tax and to reserve legally and the Company shall not have deficit; anyhow, in order to comply to the cash flow and business expansion plan of the company in the future” while dividend payment shall be paid as per amount of shares, each share equally.

The Company still has its deficit, causing incapability to pay the dividend to the shareholders according to the law, while those shareholders had risk of non-payment of dividend as per the dividend policy determined since the company has net deficit.

The Company has a policy of granting shareholders to vote for one share, one vote. (The company issued a first category is no ordinary shares of preferred stock.)

The right to receive a share in profits / dividends. Is entitled to perform equally. The Company Also gave shareholders the right to appoint a committee to investigate., The right to appoint the Board of Directors. To certify the performance of the company every year. The right to approve the amendment and books BRIC criteria Junction. And the right to approve the capital reduction or increase capital.

The Company recognizes the rights of shareholders. Supervised by shareholders over the basic rights under the law. Including providing information that is currently available through the Company’s website The availability of the Management Discussion and Analysis (MD & A) for an explanation of operating results for any quarter. And published on the company website.