Distribution of Ready-Mixed Concrete


  1. Raw material used in manufacturing concrete is of good quality in compliance with the standard of construction work.
  2. The portion of concrete mix by weighing should be carried out by high quality meter which gives accurate and consistent proportion of concrete mix.
  3. Ready-mix concrete Plant has introduced technology to develop manufacturing process and can manufacture concrete from 30 to 150 cubic meters / hour which can help the concrete pouring work carrying out quickly and reduce number of workers employed to mix and pouring concrete.
  4. Solve the problem of construction work which has limited area and cannot place or store sand, stones ,or in the construction work which must change the places of pouring concrete all the time, such as road construction,
  5. Solve problems of construction works which require massive quantity of concrete each time, or the construction works which require concrete from time to time, and it is not worth to buy the material to keep for the work.
  6. For the construction work in which the rate of pouring concrete is rather slow, it can be solved by the adding admixtures which has a property of extending the time of concrete setting.
  7. Ready-mixed concrete is more expensive than self-mix concrete. However, it it offset by it good and consistent quality of concrete and most importantly, it save the construction time.
  8. The manufacturer has the duty to guarantee the quality of ready-mix concrete by testing under the condition specified in which the company has several brands to serve the requirement of customers.