Distribution of constructional steel and ready-mix concrete

Steel product

Steel bar or reinforced steel for reinforced concrete works and masonry work, in general, by increasing load capacity on the structure. Usually, reinforced steel are divided into two categories.

Round bar SR24 The company distributes its Roudn bar which is certified under Thailand Industrial Standard, available in various different diameters and sizes, i.e. RB6, RB9, RB12, RB15, RB19, RB25 with the length of 10 meters.

Deformed bar is the type of steel which has high surface adhesion, suitable for the reinforced concrete work which requires high strength, such as bridges, dams, construction work of high compressive strength, for quality class SD 30, SD 40 and SD 50, with diameter if 12-32 millimeters.

Steel Deformed Bar

"ONE-Bar" is deformed steel according to Thailand Industrial Standard, in which after joining with Coupler, it can turn through to the bar, and is not necessary to tapping it. It can be used in all types of reinforced concrete construction work, available in 2 grades, i.e. SD40 and SD50.

Advantages of ONE-Bar

  1. ONE-Bar can be cut and then join together right away without deforming it again
  2. No scrap is occurring from the cutting and deforming
  3. Hardness is still on the surface of the deformed bar all the time. ( as it does not require deforming again), thereby, increasing the strength to the joint permanently in which other systems cannot do it
  4. No interference on Micro-structure of steel as the deforming process does not create weak point to the steel and the joint
  5. The cross-sectional area of the steel is constant throughout the steel bar, and is constant to all sizes and all length
  6. ONE-Bar can be welded very well, as such, it is taken to connect with other steel structure at any time
  7. ONE-Bar can be both cut, before and after joining, as well as can be cut at the spot as well
  8. Reduce construction time as it can be cut and connect immediately under constructional plan
  9. Customers can reduce the overall cost of construction more effectively


is manufactured by modern machines to get good quality of product in compliance with international standard. Production process is controlled by computerized system which provides high precision and cut and bend steel according to the required size , length and degree correctly. The designing work has its own standard and meet customer’s requirement.




Ready-mix concrete refers to the concrete which is proportional weighed, measured as having been designed, then , is taken to mix at the production units.

Concrete is divided into two parts as follows

  1. Binder - i.e. cement, water and admixtures.
  2. Aggregates - i.e. sand, stone or gravel.


  1. Raw material used in manufacturing concrete is of good quality in compliance with the standard of construction work.
  2. The portion of concrete mix by weighing should be carried out by high quality meter which gives accurate and consistent proportion of concrete mix.
  3. Ready-mix concrete Plant has introduced technology to develop manufacturing process and can manufacture concrete from 30 to 150 cubic meters / hour which can help the concrete pouring work carrying out quickly and reduce number of workers employed to mix and pouring concrete.
  4. Solve the problem of construction work which has limited area and cannot place or store sand, stones ,or in the construction work which must change the places of pouring concrete all the time, such as road construction,
  5. Solve problems of construction works which require massive quantity of concrete each time, or the construction works which require concrete from time to time, and it is not worth to buy the material to keep for the work.
  6. For the construction work in which the rate of pouring concrete is rather slow, it can be solved by the adding admixtures which has a property of extending the time of concrete setting.
  7. Ready-mixed concrete is more expensive than self-mix concrete. However, it it offset by it good and consistent quality of concrete and most importantly, it save the construction time.
  8. The manufacturer has the duty to guarantee the quality of ready-mix concrete by testing under the condition specified in which the company has several brands to serve the requirement of customers.