Nature of Business

Product Group Product Name Properties Usage
Prestressed concrete pile products * Rectangular pile
* Hollow rectangular pile
* I-shape pile Prestressed Concrete Spun Piles
Being efficient piles saving time and costs of construction Government units, state enterprises, department stores, factory, universities, airports, housing Developments and bridge works etc.
Product Group Product Name Properties Usage
Concrete slab and wall products * Precast Concrete Wall Quality and standard can be regularly controlled on the whole piece for quick construction as designed by the project owner. Factory, department store, high-rise building, stadium etc.
* In-situ precast Concrete slab without beams Used for space that requires an exceptionally wide distance of columns and requires no slab supporting beam so that the building has few columns and more space for use and that the construction can be made quickly. Car park building, High rise building floor
Semi-finished slab Designed for use on a slab with a column distance wider than normal standard, it can replace model timber and support weights as needed by the designer. It can be installed quickly Factory work, bridge work
* Fiber glass reinforced concrete product (GRC) Fiberglass reinforced concrete without steel reinforcement can make products in various shapes with resolution inform. They are attractive light-weighted and easy for installation. It is difficult for ordinary concrete to do so. For a customer who wants to use a product of a unique and specific Description.
Noise Barrier Being a product used for the prevention of noise pollution resulting from traffic or machinery Special expressways, highways, underground tunnels, power plants and factories
Product Group Product Name Properties Usage
Special products * DENKA special cement Being non-shrink cement and supporting a high pressure used for machinery Installation works. It is the one and only product of tens of products, which has passed quality tests and granted approval for use in the installation of generators of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. EGAT power plants, IPP and SPP power Plants petro chemical Plants, oil refineries, Steel works, paper Factories sugar mills, etc.
Super Skim coat There is a thin plaster adhesion. Used for wall decorations, Precast work surface to smooth out beautifully. There are no cracks. Savings color of the painting. In general, high-rise buildings. The finished wall. In general decoration.
Construction Chemicals (ESTOP) There are varieties of products which are suitable for different projects such as Waterproofing, Surface Treatment and Repairing etc. Used for all types of construction
Product Group Product Name Properties Usage
Steel products (GEL is a distributor) Steel bar Steel Ability of forming and excellent durability including good stretching. Great yield point and heat conduction as well as another important feature that available in stainless steel is corrosion resistant. Used for all types of construction
Product Group Product Name Properties Usage
Ready-mixed concrete products (GEL is a distributor) A mixture of sand, cement, water and concrete admixture mixed from factory including delivery to the construction site by concrete mixer truck. Used for all kinds of construction and has specifically appropriate to the construction of all types.
* Being a product with quality certification under the ISO 9001: 2008 Standard